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 [OFFICIAL] Staff List of Fairy Tail Ethereal

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PostSubject: [OFFICIAL] Staff List of Fairy Tail Ethereal   Sat 29 Aug 2015, 11:19 pm



Owner/Founder - Admin

Administrators are in charge of managing staff as well as other content. Administrators are in charge of the site in general and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Head Admin - Fujin
Head Admin - Kazium
Admin - Mizuko
Admin - Rin Moriyama

Moderators are the main app graders of the site. Their job includes; grading character apps, stat apps, magic apps, handling member complaints and much more.

Moderator - Alexander Vaan
Moderator - Ryoshi
Moderator - Skyfall
Moderator - Kita Nanase


None at the moment...

Developers are people in charge of helping to create new and interesting systems for the site as well as helping to improve the site's visual appearance by either making new GFX or creating new widgets or other art.

Head Developer and Lead GFX Artist - Vergil
Developer and Vice Lead GFX Artist - Rin Moriyama

Developert - ~Kitten


If you want to apply to be staff and help out the site.... then send the following application filled out to me!

Staff Application Template:
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[OFFICIAL] Staff List of Fairy Tail Ethereal
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