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 Aria Nystrom

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Aria Nystrom

Aria Nystrom

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PostSubject: Aria Nystrom   Aria Nystrom Icon_minitimeSun 30 Aug 2015, 8:52 pm

Name: Aria Nystrom
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: Novermber 1
Race: Demi-Demon
Anything Special: Nope~

Inside of a battle:
Inside of a battle Aria is meciless she will kill those who stand in her way, unless they are close to her in which she will give them a change to move.. before killing them anyways. Aria is swift in attacking but she is also very much tactical. She will not enter a battle that she knows she cannot win. As a leader in a fight she will rarely do work, she will tower from above and tell people what to do. It is all a game of chess to her and she is the queen. Under a leadership she strives for perfection and if it is not met then she starts to get angry and will kill whoever and whatever she can get her hands on. When fighting with allies she will be aware of where they are and will make sure not to intentionally hurt them as they are the closest thing to her family. But for bystanders she cannot say the same. If you are in the way you are as good as dead

Outside of battle:
Outside of battle Aria is relatively sweet. At least on the outside. Her personality is almost sickening at times to people that she doesn't know. Which is good, she doesn't want people to know her. She wants them to know her as Aria, her cover name. Her new name. Since she had died and become a demi-demon she had erased her past name of Alyia and taken upon the name of Aria in hopes that no one will ever find her. To the people that she considers close she is more smirking and teasing. She likes to play around and play tricks on people like she did when she was younger, but this time to a much larger extent. She will also play tricks on people only to look like an angel and pretend that it wasn't her. Aria tends to lie to those that she doesn't know and states the brutal truth to those that she does. The blonde will also start to break under pressure if the person that she is talking to is too much like a child. Leaving the fact that she doesn't always do well with children

~Crowns- She feels important like she is in full control of everything and everyone
~Blades- What's a better way to kill than blades the way that they feel in a persons hands is amazing
~Butterscotch- Yummmmm! Aria loves the colour and tast of the candy there is nothing better in live

~Roses- Te sweet scent of roses nauseates the blonde and makes her feel sick
~Chocolate- The taste of the sweet does not settle well with the blonde and she would rather stay away from it
~Alcohol- This one is based purely on the fact that Aria is a light weight and will lose control very easily when drunk

~Family- Because of her past Aria has come to change her name because of the loss of her family and now she wants a new one
~Revenge- Aria lives her life now in revenge for her past and she wants to kill whoever killed her family
~Winning- Aria always wants to win because if she doesn't she doesn't know what the consequences might be and she doesn't want that.

~Weakness- Weakness causes someone to lose and Aria cannot have that happen.
~The Future- She doesn't know what it is going to bring and it frightens her because she likes to know exactly what is going to happen
~Death- Not of hers of course but of the people that she holds dear to because she doesn't want to feel the pain of loss anymore than she does already

Height: 5'0
Weight: 72 Lbs
Hair color & Style: Her hair is a dirty blonde and reached to her hips with bangs that messily hand in her face
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Tone: Pale
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Her clothes will vary from day to day depending on what she wished to wear for that day.

Guild/Council: Tartarus
Rank: X
Guild/Council Tattoo: On the center of her lower back in a black colour
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PostSubject: Re: Aria Nystrom   Aria Nystrom Icon_minitimeSun 30 Aug 2015, 10:16 pm


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Aria Nystrom
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