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 Lacrima Rules

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PostSubject: Lacrima Rules   Lacrima Rules Icon_minitimeWed 26 Aug 2015, 2:43 pm

Lacrima Rules Tz7sClX

When you purchase a slayer lacrima from the official magic shop you must register it here.

You must wait for a member of staff to grade and approve your slayer lacrima in order to use it in making your magic. Once approved you may add it to your bank as well as use it in making your character's magic.

Only members with slayer positions are allowed up to TWO slayer lacrimas and both must be the same kind.(i.e. two dragon, or two demon or two god.)

Members without slayer positions, may only have ONE slayer lacrima to use for their secondary.

No one may have two different kinds of slayer lacrimas. If you purchase and successfully register one kind of slayer lacrima, your second one MUST be of the same kind.

(Example: Admin has a dragon slayer lacrima registered and approved. They get x amount of jewels and goes to buy a god slayer lacrima this time.)

The above example shows what you're NOT allowed to do.

If you attempt to purchase two different types of slayer lacrimas, you will NOT be approved and will receive a warning.
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Lacrima Rules
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