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 The Code of Crime Sorcière!!

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The Code of Crime Sorcière!! Empty
PostSubject: The Code of Crime Sorcière!!   The Code of Crime Sorcière!! Icon_minitimeSun 30 Aug 2015, 9:12 pm


Crime Sorcière is one of the few Independent Wizard Guilds based out of the continent of Ishgar. We of  Crime Sorcière, in this guild of those who control their own freedom are neither legal nor illegal, well we are a bit illegal, seeing as we are a guild of Sky Pirates. We as a guild have four goals, protect our freedom and way of life, amass all the treasure the world sets out before us, protecting the continent of Ishgar from threats, whether they be domestic or foreign, and helping one another grow as people and mages. We operate in a manner unique to our guild alone, we do what must be done, whether this means annihilating a dark guild or saving a mage who has been sentenced to death by the pesky Magic Council. We also plunder ships that sail the seas and the rich, taking all that our hearts desire. Freedom, Unity and an Eternal Adventure, that is what this guild represents. While the guild travels often via a special Air-Ship designed to carry Dragon Slayer's without them being afflicted by Motion Sickness, their base of locations is a small chain of islands located between the Continent of Ishgar and the Western Continent, protecting the entirety of Ishgar against the occasional assault from the Alvarez Empire.


- Never betray your comrades.

- Leave no ship unplundered.

- Protect your freedom and way of life.

- Never endanger your contacts.

- Fight to your hearts content.
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The Code of Crime Sorcière!!
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