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 Sveras Remor

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Sveras Remor

Sveras Remor

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PostSubject: Sveras Remor   Sveras Remor Icon_minitimeSun 30 Aug 2015, 11:58 pm

Name:Sveras Remor
Age: 323 (Appears 30)
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 23
Race: Dragon-Kin
Anything Special: Seemed to stop aging.

Sveras is a man of a very simple outlook. If you are truly a man, then you fight and you fight to win, to be strong. This is something he follows to the very depths of hell with him. He sees everyone strong as a challenge and sees them as a way to grow. He tends to always want to fight the stronger man, win or lose, and to do it with all his might. He tends to be very gracious both in and out of these duels, rarely sees any complications along with them. He does tend to also like to help people grow in their strengths, even if they may not be brute strength or raw power. He tends to find the weaker a group to protect and to teach, to then make them even stronger than they were before. When faced with social complications, he tends to just naturally talk it out, again, sometimes maybe trying to get a small punching match or arm wrestle if given the chance.. In short, he is very much a nice guy, just even more of a beefcake.
When you fight him, he still sorta stays the same, just wants to punch you even harder and more. He gets even more into his normal psyche and may even start to loose any restraints he may have had for the occasion. He prefers to just rush in and start pounding face rather than plan out things and logically think things through, regardless of whether or not that would be a good thing. He tends to also be very instinctual, leaving for very little mid battle calculations and more primal reaction and advances. To put it shortly, he tends to be more animal, or beast if you more so prefer, than human in combat.

  • Sveras enjoys a good fight or brawl.

  • The teaching of the younger and somewhat more weaker is a very common past time for Sveras.

  • Sveras tends to like anyone who can give him a good time, meaning fighting, and tends to remember them more often.


  • Yoga, some thing about stretching and the poses just do not match with him

  • Lazy people, these people not only confuse Sveras, but irritate him due to them wasting any potential they would have.

  • Though to be very minor, Sveras hates being asked his age, even though he still looks young.


  • His wish to find a stronger opponent still drives him.


  • He truly hates getting sick, and to die of it would be one of the worst deaths.

  • Being a man of battle, to him, dying outside of a fight would be a disgrace.

  • No matter what life throws at him, he just wants to be himself. If he were to lose that, he wouldn't be able to keep living.

Hair color & Style:Blonde/ The hair is somewhat unkempt, waving in the wind, but still maintains a somewhat spiked look.
Eye Color:Red
Skin Tone: Olive
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Guild/Council: Orobourus Spiral
Guild/Council Tattoo: Dark Green with a Red Outline/ Covering most of his back, in the Center
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PostSubject: Re: Sveras Remor   Sveras Remor Icon_minitimeMon 31 Aug 2015, 12:20 am

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Sveras Remor
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