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 Flame Demon Slayer Magic

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Lestat Everson


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PostSubject: Flame Demon Slayer Magic   Mon 31 Aug 2015, 5:23 am

Name of Magic; Flame Demon Slayer
Type/Subtype of Magic; Castor/Lost/Slayer
Current Rank; D
Description; Flame Demon Slayer Magic was taught to Lestat by his father, an Archdemon named Beleth, who terrorized the boy his entire life. The demon was a fierce monster who commanded eighty-eighty legions. Beleth had possessed the body of a demon-slayer so he could decieve, control, and literally work his son into the ground. Hoping to break the boy's willpower, though it instead amplified it. The archdemon was responsible for his mother's death and was-- for the most part, a very high classing entity. It was through sheer rage and turmoil that a victory became reality. But nonetheless, Lestat was able to defeat and end his father forever, which thus liberated the burdan of revenge on his soul. However, the halfling's story didn't end there-- Lestat is still very weak and must master his Slayer powers to the finest before he can say his victory ended in succession. Lestat is a first generation Slayer
• Flame Demon Slayers may consume any level of fire except their God Slayer counterparts to regenerate health and boost their mana. In addition, they have a resistance to fire.
• Demon Slayer Flames are far hotter than the usual, so obviously, they cannot be put out by normal means.
• Flames are able to inflict damage over time.
• Flame Demon Slayers can't eat fire created from God Slayers.
• Weak Against Demon and God Ocean Slayer Magic.
• Flame Demon Slayer Magic is wild and spreads easily, causing disastrous unintended consequences.

Devil's Smoke
Whenever flames are casted in an area, they release toxic gases that continuously damage internal lungs. (With the exception of the castor's) Every post that draws on will hurt the opponents and allies alike for moderate amounts. Which usually means that it won't be long for a winner to be decided when fighting in it. If Wind Magics are used to try and blow away this smoke, they'll find it to be a real pain. Wind Magic, when casted on around the smoke causes it to ignite and damage those in the area without an immunity to Demon Flame Slayer Magic.

Living Inferno
The user has a mastery over fire, and with it, comes an immunity. While fire will hurt him, it severely lessens to an extent that would be considered lackluster. In addition, the user is immune to their own fire and could sleep in it for days and not feel the slightest burns. All fire spells casted by the user have a DoT of five posts. Wind Magic, on contact with Demon Flame Slayer Magic doubles it's power, so naturally the Inferno can be powered by wind users. Only a specific form of water can put out Demon Fire and that would be 'Ocean'. Most Earth melts on contact with Flames. Lightning is at a stand-still with Fire and has no advantages or disadvantages beside the fact that it's faster.

Slayer Standards
As a Demon Slayer, the user may eat nearly all variants of fire magic to regenerate health or reinvigorate their mana. A Demon Slayer can eat other Demon, Dragon, or any types of regular fires including natural occurring fires. However; they can't eat God Slayer Fire. Whenever fire is eaten, the user heals 2 stacks of 'Greater Damage' from their person. Whenever the user eats fire, they shorten all cooldowns by two posts. By eating 1000 spellpower of fire-- the user can activate their Demon Force. The element of light is being mixed with the Lestat's flames to alter their properties slightly. Because of the mixed in light properties, Demon Slayers deals double damage towards Darkness, Demon, and Undead type non-human beings.

Wild Embers
Demon Slayer Fire casted in a topic, if it has not hit the opponent and started it's DoT-- then it will catch fire on objects around the environment. And when it does, these fires last the entire topic. This means that the area is getting hotter, and that the user can now manipulate the things around him with great ability. Thanks to this, Devil's Smoke becomes more and more a problem.

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Flame Demon Slayer Magic
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