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 Miya's Character App

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PostSubject: Miya's Character App   Miya's Character App Icon_minitimeMon 31 Aug 2015, 3:53 pm

Name: Miya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: January 31st
Race: Demi-God
Anything Special: Big fox ears and nine fox tails that match the color of her hair

Miya is a very playful and outgoing girl. She likes to go to new places and learn new things. She has very strange behavioral habits. For example, she tends to sleep naked as she feel constricted if she sleeps with clothes on. Or, when she has nothing to do, she'll just sit and play around with her hair with a bored look on her face. Miya is the type who will only do things that pique her interest anything or anyone whom she finds to be boring, she will usually ignore to go d something else. When it comes to the person she has romantic feelings for, Miya tends to be very affectionate and will constantly attempt to flirt with that person on a regular basis. Despite her rather selfish nature Miya is a very caring girl, she treasures each friend she makes and will gladly put her life on the line to protect them. Miya is a girl, who has much self-confidence in her looks. She feels she can win the heart of even the most stubborn man. She also has a lot of pride. Miya has one hell of a bad temper whenever someone sets her off. She tends to be easily angered by the smallest of things. When Miya wants to be, she can be very mature, though most of the time, she's like a little kid. She does what she pleases without worrying about consequences. Miya doesn't like having her fun ruined, it usually results in her pouting for a good hour or so.

In combat, Miya becomes much more serious, her selfishness and childish sides vanish and she becomes a samurai warrior, focused on the battle in front of her. Miya usually doesn't bother with coming up with a strategy too much. Her battle style is a "go with the flow" type of thing. She believes that battles should be fought with honor but that doesn't mean she's above the occasional enemy taunting. Miya will sometimes use her looks to give her an advantage in battle by trying to flirt with and distract her enemy so whoever her teammate is, will have the chance to strike while she's acting as a distraction. When Miya is fighting, she's agile and graceful yet at the same time brutal.
He's her partner and also the man of her dreams
*Having Fun:
If there's one thing Miya likes, its having a good time.
Miya loves seeing new places and learning new things.
*Having her fun ruined:
Miya hates having someone spoil a good time for her
*Being ignored:
Miya doesn't like it when people don't pay attention to her. It hurts her pride.
Miya can't stand bugs, she finds the creepy and disgusting.
*Getting Stronger:
Miya wishes to get strong so she can catch up to Fujin and be worthy of being his partner.
*Having her feelings returned:
Miya's greatest motivation would be the possibility of Fujin returning her feelings and becoming his girlfriend.
* To catch up to Fujin:
Miya wants to catch up to Fujin's level of strength as fast as possible so she won't slow him down or cause him trouble.
*unrequited love:
Miya fears that her love will become unrequited and doesn't want that to happen.
*Being abandoned:
Miya fears being abandoned by her friends and loved ones.
*she doesn't want to die or see anyone she cares for die.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair color & Style: Pure white and reaches to almost her butt with a pair of same colored, fox ears sticking out of the top.  
Eye Color: golden orange
Skin Tone: fair
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Guild/Council: Dragon Heart
Guild/Council Tattoo: top of her left thigh

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PostSubject: Re: Miya's Character App   Miya's Character App Icon_minitimeMon 31 Aug 2015, 4:03 pm

Miya's Character App WKAyZoe
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Miya's Character App
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