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 Miya's Story

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PostSubject: Miya's Story   Miya's Story Icon_minitimeMon 31 Aug 2015, 4:01 pm

Miya's Story Coolte11

~The Beginning~

A rather large egg was discovered in a burning bush near a shrine by a young boy by the name of Fujin. A vulcan was about to snatch the egg for a meal but Fujin saved the egg from the vulcan’s clutches. This was no ordinary egg, it was an exceed egg. The young boy, Fujin traveled with the egg for the next two years until finally, it hatched a small white exceed with pure white wings. The first word it spoke was “Miya”. Fujin decided to name the small newborn exceed after it’s first word.  Miya and Fujin began traveling together like family. The two of them traveled all over the world, seeing all new sights, places and learning new things.

~The Incident~

When Miya was just four years old. Her and Fujin encountered a dark guild that practiced take over magic. One mage in particular that happened to be a fox demi-god, attempted to use her magic to take over Miya’s body, causing their bodies to be swapped. This body swapping incident allowed Miya to gain the magic of the fox demi-god whose body she swapped with. However, the swap took away her normal exceed body and wings and she got a fox body but could still fly without her wings. This also caused young Maya to have quite the problem. She would swap between the body of a four year old and a  fourteen year old fox demi-goddess.

~The Years Following the Incident~

Miya now had to deal with swapping between her two forms. A young fox who was playful and immature not to mention, an oddball and a glutton. And… a teenage fox who was more grown up and had a big sister type of personality. However, unlike her child form, Miya’s teenage form was very much infatuated with Fujin. Whenever she turned into her 17 year old form, she was completely aware of her feelings toward her best friend.

~Setting One Form in Stone~

When Miya was 7 and Fujin was 17, they read about a legendary stone that would be capable of setting one of her two forms in permanently so her age swapping would finally come to an end. They set out to find this stone which took roughly a year to find. During that time, they did research on the stone and finally found its location. Now, Miya would be permanently in her teenage form and upon completing this, her two personas, merged into one.

Miya's Story 8FmS8QT



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Miya's Story
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