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 Arctic Storm Beauty GFX

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Rin Moriyama

Rin Moriyama

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PostSubject: Arctic Storm Beauty GFX   Mon 31 Aug 2015, 7:06 pm

Hello Guest,

In need of some GFX like an avi, siggy, or banner of some sort? Well, you're in luck! I can make anything from siggys, to avis, to team banners, to fan club banners, to approval stamps, to whatever else you may need.

All my work is done free of charge, for now... one the site starts getting more active, I might start to charge but for now, its FREE~!!

Here are some examples of my works...



Team Banners:

Approval Stamps:

Now, if you wish to order something from my shop, please fill out the below template...


[b]Character Name:[/b](Name of your character)
[b]Face Claim:[/b](Name of your character's face claim)
[b]Magic:[/b](Name of you character's magic)
[b]GFX Type:[/b](Siggy? Avi? Approval Stamp? Team Banner? or Other? Make sure to specify what the other type of GFX you are requesting is?)
[b]Preferred Render:[/b]( please provide the URLS to renders of your face claim for your siggy, avi, approval stamp or team banner.)[Note any face claim pic MUST be renders, I can't render pics for you.]
[b]Preferred Background Image:[/b](Please provide URLS to all preferred background images you would like me to use, if you put none, then it will be up to me, to pick them for your GFX request.)
[b]Color scheme:[/b] (What color scheme would you like your GFX to have?)
[b]Text:[/b](any words or quotes you'd like me to include?)
[b]Anything extra?[/b](Guild mark? Border? cool effect? or anything else?)

Please note: I reserve the right to refuse any request made in my shop for any reason.


Other Siggys:


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Arctic Storm Beauty GFX
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