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 Faction Rules

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PostSubject: Faction Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 3:16 pm

Faction Information

1 Being in a Guild

Guilds are founded by guild masters who have chosen to accommodate and guide groups of mages, following certain ideals. All mages that belong to a guild are branded with a guild tattoo to show their allegiance. Guilds motivate and stimulate team effort and interaction among mages, as well as competition with other guilds. Guilds can be Legal, Dark or Neutral with a leniency to one of the former.

1.5 Being Guildless

As a guildless mage, you are free to form alliances with whomever you choose and there are no legal responsibilities to use your magic for a certain cause. However, you are also not gaining any of the benefits of being in a guild.

1. When ranking up, please inform the staff so they can proctor the exam.

2. You can take both Legal and Dark jobs.

3. You can team up with other guildless mages and register in the team registration thread.

4. You can take jobs, bounties, miscellaneous work from anyone willing to hire you. Be it the Magic Council or another mage with his own agenda.

2 Being a Guild Member

As a guild member there are several guidelines you need to follow:


3 Being a Guild Ace


4 Being a Guild Master


5 The Magic Council

1. The Magic Council is in charge of the Magic World of Fiore. It is made up of 8 seats and a chairman. The members of the magic council each get one vote in whatever matter is being discussed.

2. The Magic Council is responsible for keeping the peace. The Inner Circle can order arrests for certain mages that have disobeyed the law. During an arrest, the Magic Council either hires other mages to capture the outlaw, or sends out its own members to deal with the issue. Once the outlaw has been captured, there will be a trial to decide on the punishment.


3. The MC can disband a guild by opening a thread declaring valid reasons for the Guild to be disbanded. With links to the threads where the guild broke the law.
- An admin must be contacted for approval.

4. The MC can fund certain projects of mages or guilds.

6 Being a Rune Knight

As a Rune Knight, you pledge loyalty to the Magic Council and take orders from the 8 seats and the chairman. In order to become a Rune Knight, you must be guildless first and approach one of the 8 seat members to request the title of Rune Knight.

Being a Rune Knight grants one legal authority that can be enforced on other mages. Rune Knights can arrest mages, hand out fines, collect bounties, etc. as long as they do not disobey orders.
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Faction Rules
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