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 Stats and Level Rules

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PostSubject: Stats and Level Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 3:20 pm

Stat Information

As you level and advance your character, you are going to gain Stat points, which allow you to customize your characters strengths. By placing and aligning your stat points, you determine how strong, fast, or powerful your character is. Once you determine your stats, they are determined forever, so be careful how you customize them. Below are the differing stats that you can chose from. Note: Any stat you invest points into cannot exceed 230 points. Furthermore, no more than one stat can be left at 0 at D rank. When leveled up, the stat left at zero must increase by at least five points per additional rank the user has increased by.

The Stats:

Stat Tiers:

Temporary Stat Boost Amounts for Magic:

For summoning mages, each of your summons has their own set of stats that determine their strengths. Summons make use of the same stats as regular mages outside of Affluence, since Summons have no natural magical power of their own. The amount of stats each summon has is based on their ranks, and is as follows;
Rank D - 150
Rank C - 240
Rank B - 330
Rank A - 390
Rank S - 430

Levels and Rank

As mentioned before, as you progress your character on the site you level up, granting you access to more power and abilities. You can level up to level 30, and below you find how much experience it takes to level up, as well as when you unlock differing power points in your growth.

Ranks are certain selections of levels which line up with your characters magic, used to determine how many spell slots you can have and your general power.

D Rank: Level 1 to 9
C Rank: Level 10 to 19
B Rank: Level 20 to 24
A Rank: Level 25 to 29
S Rank: Level 30
X Rank: Level 1(This is the special rank exclusive to guild masters)

Rank D:
Rank C:
Rank B:
Rank A:
Rank S:
SS Rank:
Rank X:
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Stats and Level Rules
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