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 Health Rules

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PostSubject: Health Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 3:26 pm

Health will fall under these guidelines. There will be no distinct health system and you'll be allowed to use your own personal judgment to determine life or death until you are deemed unworthy of the privilege. Once that happens a health system with stricter and more specific numbers will be added on to this so don't blow it.

Damage Tiers

No damage: No damage has occurred. Self explanatory

Minimal Damage: Scratches and bumps at worst. Really these injuries will feel like mosquito bites but without the risk of deadly disease.

Minor Damage: Nothing more than skin deep scratches that result in some blood loss. Most bruises also fall under this category.

Regular Damage: Your real cuts and bruises. You’ve taken a real hit and although you won’t suffer to much it’s not recommended you take to many.

Greater Damage: A mid way between Regular Damage and Major Damage.These attacks are deeper than regular damage but don’t seem to have the same hindering effect that Major damage has on the body. It’s best to think of it is improved (or worsened depending on which side of things you’re on) regular damage

Major Damage: These are serious injuries: Broken bones, damaged organs, and etcetera. These kinds of injuries can seriously hinder mobility and limit what a person is reasonably capable of doing.

Severe/Permanent Damage: These are your so called ‘life threatening’ injuries. Although you can’t be killed without your permission but be warned that the word Permanent means this is the kind of damage that has warped your character’s shape or ability. Severed Limbs, loss of organs, Spinal Damage, etc.  In short you’re going to need to figure out a way to fix your character since these are the kinds of injuries that you don’t just heal with some bed rest. These are also your 1 hit KO's.
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Health Rules
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