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 Guild Event Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Event Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 3:28 pm

Guild Events are events held by guild masters of each respective guild on the site. Some may be simple social events or may be PvP tournaments. They can be pretty much anything the guild master wants.

Certain guild events, that are serious will give out EXP to everyone who participates. The minimum amount of exp everyone gets from a serious guild event is 1/5 extra than a job one rank above the average rank of the guild excluding the guild master of that guild.

It is the guild master's job to add of the EXP of everyone in the guild and find their average rank in order to figure out how much exp will be rewarded in the event.

Now, for guild events that guild masters want to give exp out in, they must send in an application to either a head admin or the owner of the site. If the admin who receives the application approves it, they may give out experience, if it is denied by said admin, the event may still be held but no experience can be given out as a reward.

Template for Guild Event Application:

Please make sure to pm the above template to either, Head Admin Adrien, Head Admin Kazium, or Founder Rin Moriyama
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Guild Event Rules
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