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 Ten Wizard Saints

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PostSubject: Ten Wizard Saints   Ten Wizard Saints Icon_minitimeWed 26 Aug 2015, 4:50 pm

The most powerful members of legal guilds known for their strength and compassion. There can only be ten at a time and the mage must be extremely powerful.

Top Tier: Four Gods of Ishgar
1.) OPEN
2.) OPEN
3.) OPEN
4.) OPEN

Bottom Tier: Regular Wizard Saints
5.) OPEN
6.) OPEN
7.) OPEN
8.) OPEN
9.) OPEN
10.) OPEN

Rules and Qualifications For Wizard Saint Positions

1. In order to apply to be a wizard saint, you must be of at least A Rank

2. Only one of your characters may hold the title of wizard saint, the position is non-transferable(meaning, if you want one of your other two characters to be a wizards saint, you cannot say "i'm giving my position over to this character")

3. You have to be a legal mage, dark wizards may NOT apply.

4. You have to have been on the site for at least a week and be active and be willing to post daily

5. If you go inactive for two or more months, you WILL be stripped of your position.

Wizard Saint Application:
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Ten Wizard Saints
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