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 Guild Master Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Master Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 2:08 pm

These are the special rules for those who are guild masters on the site.

1. In order to remain a guild master, you MUST be active and be willing to post at least once a day.

2. Guild Masters have the special Rank of X.

3. Guild Masters start with zero EXP and start at level 1 so they are able to rank up.

4. Guild Masters are allowed up to S rank spells.

5. If a guild master looses their position for some reason, they are bumped down to whatever rank they reached by gaining EXP.

6. Guild Masters get 655 total stats + race bonus.

7. Once a guild master looses their position they loose their guild master stats and have to re-do their stats to equal whatever level they are at when they loose their position.

8. If you go inactive for more than two months without notifying an admin, you will be stripped of your position.
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Guild Master Rules
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