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 Ten Chaos Lords

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PostSubject: Ten Chaos Lords    Wed 26 Aug 2015, 4:57 pm

The baddest of the bad, the most wanted people in Fiore. These individual have done unspeakable acts against their country and against the world. There can be 10 sinners at any given time and they are ranked in no particular order

1.) OPEN
2.) OPEN
3.) OPEN
4.) OPEN
5.) OPEN
6.) OPEN
7.) OPEN
8.) OPEN
9.) OPEN
10.) OPEN

Rules and Qualifications For Chaos Lord Positions

1. In order to apply to be a chaos lord, you must be of at least A Rank

2. Only one of your characters may hold the title of Chaos Lord, the position is non-transferable(meaning, if you want one of your other two characters to be a sinner, you cannot say "i'm giving my position over to this character")

3. These positions are for Dark wizards ONLY, legal mages may not apply.

4. You have to have been on the site for at least a week and be active and be willing to post daily

5. If you go inactive for two or more months, you WILL be stripped of your position.

10 Chaos Lords Application:
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Ten Chaos Lords
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