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 Magic Council Registration

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PostSubject: Magic Council Registration    Wed 26 Aug 2015, 5:03 pm

The Magic council is made up of eight seats and a chairman. The chairman is the leader of the council, and will be assigned last. The seats fill from 1 to eight until all the seats are filled. Then all of the council members will vote on a chairman and a rune knight to take their old spot. The Council oversees all of the magic in the country of Fiore and is considered to be a light guild in some ways.

Chairman: CLOSED
1st Seat: OPEN
2nd Seat: OPEN
3rd Seat: OPEN
4th Seat: OPEN
5th Seat: OPEN
6th Seat: OPEN
7th Seat: OPEN
8th Seat: OPEN

Magic Council Application:

Note: If you go inactive for two or more months, you will be stripped of your position.
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Magic Council Registration
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