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 Guild Scoreboard

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PostSubject: Guild Scoreboard   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 9:01 pm

Guild Scoreboard

Hi and Welcome to the first season of the guild scoreboard~!

Here is where your guild can post to get points and win jewels each season~!

Here are the rules for the Guild Scoreboard:
1. All missions must be completed and approved before you get points.
2. This season ends on TBA. To clarify. If you have finished any missions and did not put them up on the scoreboard before the season ended, points will not be counted. Meaning that if you completed any mission on or before May 2, 2015 and forgot to post up in the scoreboard your proof of approval, points will not be added to your scores. Once this thread is closed. That's it. At the beginning of the season all jobs you have done for the guild scoreboard to 0. Don't worry this doesn't mean your exp goes away. This is mainly for the participation in the guild scoreboard.
3. If you go with a team the mission only counts once. You cannot get extra points per team member for jobs you do together.
4. If you go on a job with a member from a separate guild, points will be deduced to HALF. No if's, and's, or but's.
5. You cannot repeat missions for points.
6. Finally to the points:

S-Rank+: 150 Points
A-Rank+: 100 Points
B-Rank+: 75 Points
C-Rank+: 50 Points
D-Rank+: 25 Points

6. Prizes will be added to your guild's bank account. From there the Guild Masters has the choice to share the jewel among their members or use it for improving the guild hall itself.
7. Now for the prizes:
First Prize - 800,000 J
Second Prize - 400,000 J
Third Prize - 200,000 J

8. If your character changes guilds and you started that mission before the season ends. When you finish that mission, all points go to the guild you were a part of. Especially if you finished that mission with a team.

9. Sportsmanship. Have it.

10. If you start a job during the season before you change guilds, the points to that job will count towards that guild.

Legal Guilds
Fairy Tail - 0
Blue Pegasus - 0
Lamia Scale - 0
Sabertooth - 0
Rune Knights - 0
Magic Council- 0

Neutral Guilds:
Dragon Heart- 0

Dark Guilds
Laughing Coffin - 0
Tartarus - 0
Hydra Sin - 0
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Guild Scoreboard
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