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 Magic Council System

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PostSubject: Magic Council System   Thu 27 Aug 2015, 9:09 pm

The Magic Council

The Magic Council is made up of 8 seats and the chairman. They are in charge of governing the legal guilds in Fiore.

Each seat of the magic council is granted the special rank of SS. It is one rank above S and one rank below X.

This special rank gives Magic Council seat members access to all spells D-S as well as the special level of 31 and 6000 EXP.

Magic Council seat members do not take on missions and they never have to worry about ranking up.

Any Magic Council seat member that is stripped of their position, either IC or OOC, will be lowered back down to D Rank, level 1.

However, if a Magic Council seat member had already reached a certain level before being given the position, that person will be lowered back down to whatever rank and level they were before getting the position.

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Magic Council System
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