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 Mizuko Kakihara

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PostSubject: Mizuko Kakihara   Mizuko Kakihara Icon_minitimeThu 27 Aug 2015, 11:26 pm

Name: Mizuko Kakihara
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: January 4th
Race: Human
Anything Special: None at the moment.

Outside of battle, Mizuko is a bright, energetic being. She's known to bounce around as if she were a child that had just had WAY too much sugar, and when she is told so, she simply shrugs it off and continues on as if nothing had been said. Being one of those people who tries to see the cup half full rather than half empty, Mizuko makes an effort to keep a smile on her face nearly all the time. That doesn't mean she's sweet and sympathetic though. She believes that most everyone can care for themselves above a certain age, and unless a person is mortally wounded, she'll tell you to shake it off. She's also known to be a bit gutsy, and doesn't think much before diving into things. Due to all of this, she's often considered to be 'one of the guys'. A tomboy, if you will. She doesn't care much for conversations about love or boys, as she believes most guys would find her too forceful to care for.

As for during a battle, Mizuko reveals her few moments of absolute seriousness. She takes battles very seriously, and will fight her hardest at all times during one. This is also the few times she'll show protectiveness over another, jumping in to help when she feels she's needed. She laughs a lot when she fights, as she loves to fight, and, though she takes it seriously, she has fun doing it. She hates it when people talk about how exactly they're going to beat her in the middle of a battle, and will often punch people in the face when they start to, just to shut them up so they can finish the fight. Of course, this is often effective, because they try to retaliate most of the time, and end up forgetting about talking, or switch to talking about how rude she is instead, which she will allow or ignore.


  • Swimming: Mizuko absolutely loves to swim, and considered it the greatest pastime ever. If somebody doesn't know how to swim, she'll jump on the chance to teach them.

  • Fights: She loves any and all battles or fighting, taking them more as a fun thing to do rather than battling out of anger. Unless you manage to actually get her angry.

  • Dancing: She loves to dance, though she doesn't often tell people. It becomes obvious by the way she dances whenever music she likes comes on, however.


  • People telling her how they're going to beat her in a fight: It irritates her for a reason she can't understand, and, as stated above, she'll simply punch you in the face to shut you up.

  • Cold weather: It doesn't make her very cold, she has a good resistance to it. She just prefers warm weather over cold weather, and hates snow even more.

  • When guys compare women's bodies: Considering she's not amazing in the chest department, and rather small in height, she doesn't like being compared to other women, as she often is the one on the less preferred side of the conversation. The whole thing just feels like a huge insult.


  • Being told she's not good enough: This motivates her more than anything else to prove everyone wrong, and to become even better than those one who said it.

  • Getting rid of evil: She has very clear mentAL definitions of what is good and bad, and will do anything to be rid of the bad.

  • Protecting those close to her: Though it was stated above she often has a 'take care of yourself' attitude, she does want others to be safe, and will fight to keep them that way.


  • Drowning: Though it's an unfounded fear, if she finds herself unable to reach the surface of whatever body of water she's in, she'll completely panic, and end up avoiding swimming for a few months or so.

  • Being trapped: Mizuko is a free being, and is terrified of being restrained or trapped in one spot.

  • Snails: Its an embarrassing fear to her, but Mizuko is terrified of snails, and anything that reminds her of one. This includes slugs, sea slugs, eels, squids and octopus tentacles, so on.

Height: 5'1
Weight: 103
Hair color & Style: Light blue color that is always cut short, and tends to have a pin in the front shaped like two 's' like characters with a bar connecting them.
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Very fair.
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Guild/Council: Sabertooth
Guild/Council Tattoo: Between her belly button and the waistband of her skirt, and light blue.
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Rin Moriyama

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PostSubject: Re: Mizuko Kakihara   Mizuko Kakihara Icon_minitimeThu 27 Aug 2015, 11:51 pm

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Mizuko Kakihara
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