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 Kazium Albet

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PostSubject: Kazium Albet   Kazium Albet Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 12:52 pm

Name:Kazium Albet
Birthday:November 8th
Race: Elf
Anything Special: N/A

Personality: Outside of combat Kazium a sweet girl. She likes to play and enjoys to watch scenery. She is usually very quiet, but she is not in the slightest shy. She meets people very easily, but she doesn’t consider them friends until she has spent more than one day with them. Kazium like to be in cold places, so on a hot day you won’t find her anywhere but inside or at an ice-rink. She loves to ice skate the intricate moves, the clothes, and most of all being able to stay in a cool environment. But, when it is winter, you will always find her outside. That is, of course it is hot outside. She loves to play in the snow and she enjoys making sculptures out of the snow. Kazium, though she likes to play she also likes to take time out of the day and rest. If she is to rest you can always find her in a pile of snow in the winter or in a place that is cold, or at an indoor ice-rink, when it is warm. Kazium is also very to herself and when something hurts her she does her best to cover it up and to not let anyone inside of her head.

Kazium is not a big fighter. She likes to play, yes, but actual fighting? No. She likes to be a neutral object and watch from the side lines. But, if she has to. She will, and prepare for a short winter demon. The other way to get her fighting is when you piss her off so much that she wants to punch you, which she will. Or When you threaten something or someone that is important to her. Kazium listens very well to instruction and follows them to her best ability. In command she doesn’t know what to do since she like to play. Also, in a fight Kazium likes to picture it as a dance. She moves smoothly and she fights to a beat. In a battle she also cares about the people that she is with and will protect them with her life and will sacrifice herself to take a hit.


~Ice-cream- Ice cream can come in every flavor and is really cold

~Mint-She likes the taste of mint it keeps her calm

~Winter- For her it is the best time of the year because she most comfortable in the cold

~The cold- Kazium loves the cold it makes her feel refreshed and happy


~Heat- It makes her feel uncomfortable seeing how she is so used to the cold

~Citrus- She hates the taste of it and the way it smells.

~Warm things- They tend to burn Kazium not matter what their temperature is

~Sand- She hates how it is all grainy and seems to have no pattern what-so-ever.


~Perfection- Kazium likes it when things are perfect, to her that means the cold and she wants to maintain it.

~Her past- She knows nothing about her past and she wants to figure it out and why she is so sensitive to the heat

~Friends- They are important to her and she has a very small group of friends even though she is nice to everyone.


~Death- Not for her, but for the people that surrounds her, she doesn’t have full control of her magic yet

~Spiders- All eight legs and the way that they are everywhere, Kazium hates them and fears them

~Heaters- Heaters provide warms and could possibly burn her

~Loud noises- They scare her and remind her of her past and being unwanted

Weight:110 lbs
Hair color & Style:Her hair is light blue and always in piggy-tails unless she is at home or relaxing. If you looks closely at her hair there are small snowflakes that intertwine on the strands. Her bangs are messy and scatter all over her face her hair reached down to her calves.
Eye Color:Teal blue
Skin Tone:Her skin tone is pale
Physical Appearance & Clothing: Kazium usually wears a short skirt that is light blue and every now and then short shorts that are white with blue trim. She usually wears a long sleeved or tank top shirt that matched her bottoms. On her feet she usually wears blue or white boots that have little puff balls hanging from strings. She sometimes wears knee high socks of the colour blue of white.

Guild/Council: Sabertooth
Guild/Council Tattoo: Light blue on her left shoulder blade
Class: D-Rank
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PostSubject: Re: Kazium Albet   Kazium Albet Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 1:03 pm

Kazium Albet X2jX1LB

Kazium Albet 8KHGXWh
^^Made by Adrien ^^
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Kazium Albet
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