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 Ice-Splay Kazium's Magic

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PostSubject: Ice-Splay Kazium's Magic   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 12:56 pm

Name of Magic; Ice Splay
Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster, Ice
Current Rank; D
Description; This magic is created though lost spells that Kazium has created in order to harness her magic in certain ways, allowing for her to make attacks and defensive movements. This magic is mainly base on the element of ice and the cold that surrounds it. The ice and the snow that appear are conjured out of thin air and compacted into forms or directed into a certain direction. Kazium does not use wind or any other element to help her magic, but she can send her magic at someone.
Outside of a battle Kazium will not usually use any of her spells, in fact, she will only use the magic power itself to make herself fun things to do, or things to keep her entertained. When will use it on someone that she becomes close to for fun and a laugh or giggles. But outside of a battle Kazium would never use her magic to hurt anyone.
Inside of a battle the use of her magic becomes a different story altogether. Kazium will use her magic to the best of her ability to damage the person who is harming her friends or family. She would never kill anyone with her magic, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t severely hurt them. At the beginning of a battle Kazium is very hesitant about using her magic, after all it was the reason that her parents gave her away. But after realizing that it is her only hope in protecting herself and the ones that she cares about she will use her magic in strategic ways to win the fight.

~Strong against water magic- The chill of the ice will affect the water and freezing it.
~Both close range and long range attacks
~Can be used as cover ex:A snow storm
~Due to her naturally cold body temperature her magic causes no damage to herself
~She can use her magic with reason outside of a battle- For fun and games ex: covering a lake in ice to ice skate

~Can hurt allies due the chill from her spells if her allies are not prepared
~Some of her spells can affect her allies if she is not careful on how she uses them
~Wind or wind magic can alter the path of her spells if she is attacking a person far away
~Her magic cannot be used on any of her allies to help them physically ex: enhancements, physical weapons
~Weak against fire magic- Her ice can be melted then making it becoming useless
~Her magic is a pure element meaning that it can be eaten by any ice slayer

~15% percent less damage from ice spells
(I will add more to this once I figure more out. -3-)

D-Rank Spells:
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PostSubject: Re: Ice-Splay Kazium's Magic   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 2:57 pm


^^Made by Adrien ^^
Other Character Art:
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Ice-Splay Kazium's Magic
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