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 Marriage System Rules

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PostSubject: Marriage System Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 2:34 pm

In this system, two players may get married in character if they wish to.

However, their characters MUST be an official couple in character AND have to be together for at least two months, real time.

When two people's characters wish to marry, they may hold an in character wedding ceremony with an admin acting as an NPC Justice of the peace.

If two characters get married in character, here is what they receive

- Matching wedding ring items for looks

- +10 stats to one stat of their choosing for both partners

In case of death of a spouse's character.

- The living spouse receives 50% of the deceased spouse's jewels(other 50% goes to the kingdom and Magic Council)

- Anything the deceased spouse owned such as equipment, pets, items, etc. Will go to the living spouse to do with whatever they choose.
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Marriage System Rules
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