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 Dark Blood Magic

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PostSubject: Dark Blood Magic   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 4:34 pm


Primary Magic: Dark Blood Magic
Secondary Magic:
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Dark Blood Magic is a very different twist to Blood Magic which was formed by Kurayami himself, which pretty much twisted the standard Blood Magic to give it various useful abilities and also mixed with standard Dark Magic properties. To give it an extra bit of punch.

The abilities that the Lineage gives this blood is that on top of all its' other Darkness based abilities. The blood can poison and decay objects or people upon contact with them. Making it a very powerful tool to use against people and structures alike.

The blood can also coagulate to become pretty much as hard as steel, along with various other abilities for example the user could pretty much make any sort of weapon they desired with it provided that they had enough blood to do it.


•Due to its' liquid form Dark Blood Magic is incredibly versatile. And can even be used through the smallest of cracks and other objects. It can also vary in consistency, from a watery solution to a thick, coagulated mass or even completely solid. Meaning that it is good in both offensive, defensive and supplementary ways.

•The user doesn't need much blood to make a complex structure or a powerful attack, even a mere half-pint of blood can form a pretty big spear should the user desire.

•The blood for spells also forms incredibly quickly, Based off of Magic Power.


•Considering this magic requires the user's blood. If the user does too many of these attacks without resting and letting their blood supply return they could literally die.The caster has a limited blood reserve, obviously. About 10 pints of blood can be devoted to techniques.

•Obviously the amount of objects/techniques used vary on the amount of blood the user decides to shed, D-rank= .5 pint, C-rank= 1 pint, B-rank=2 pints, A-rank=3 pints, S-rank=4 pints.

•The magic is also friendly fire, so allies beware.

•Only uses the User's Blood, can not manipulate anyone else's Blood NPC or PC alike, Purely User

Unique Abilities:

•Liquification: The user of this style of magic can make themselves into a body of blood, turning into a puddle, or even physical attacks and most magical attacks do not effect this caster as well as most, Increasing Endurance by Ten Points.

•Blood Regeneration: The blood from a Blood Mage regenerates a LOT faster than any other normal human being. Every post where a blood technique isn't used, the user gains 2 pints of blood to use for more spells.

•Black Blood: The Blood the castor holds within their body is denser then most peoples, almost as if they are not human, because of this hardened coagulated blood, Increased MAgic Defense of Ten Points.


Name: Detonation
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 5
Description: This spell uses the dark magic embedded within the User's blood, upon the user's request (usually snapping one's fingers). The user can pretty much detonate the blood they have spilled (excluding the blood on the user). The range of each detonation varies depending on the blood spilled. D-rank techniques have a 5m blast radius at D-rank, with the radius increasing by 3m with every rank.


•Powerful -For each Pint of Blood used in attacks previously, It causes a S-rank's worth of damage per pint out there

•Where there is blood - There is fire: Any substance containing The user's blood can be exploded. Regardless of what surface it's on, except if it is on the user.

•Quick - The detonation can be activated very quickly.


•Friendly Fire: Once again, if the blood happens to be stuck to a friend and this technique is used they take damage as well.

•The blast of each explosion is only five meters.

•Blood that is up to 25m from the target can be detonated, nothing after.

•if blood is washed away or watered down, then this wont work

Name: Bloody Spear
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Duration:Spear lasts three posts in hand, become a puddle if it misses
Cooldown:3 posts after spear disappears
Description: The Castor Creates a spear from their blood, forming at d-rank speed, using .5 pints of blood to be created, it is a six foot spear, and if thrown can go up to twenty meters away
Strengths:Black Blood- because of the higher density of the blood used for this Spell, its damage is Increased by 10 points

Blood Properties- This Spell can take on the properties of the caster's blood, such as, poisons

Puddled- if this attack misses and becomes a puddle, anyone with In three meters will get a slight weakened state as if they were Nuaisated

Weaknesses: Easy to spot, at this can easily be seen flying at them the oppoenent can easily dodge this attack

the puddle can be easily washed away with water

Only one can be made at a time

Can be eaten/ drank by a Venom God/Demon Slayer

Name: Bloody mist
Rank: D
Type: Defensive/Suppelmental
Duration:5 posts
Cooldown:6 posts
Description: The Caster would spew from its mouth a mist covering a 10 meter area, being thick enough to block site of the castor from whatever is attacking it, the mist being of the caster's blood, abilities the caster's blood has

Strengths: Black Blood- because of black Blood this mist is extremely thick, removing eye sight while inside the mist

Blood properties- this mist has the same properties the blood has from the caster

Can be used along side of detonation for a wider spread detonation, total range of 15 meter wide explosion if used together

Weaknesses: this blocks everyone's sight, including caster

can easily be blown away by wind

Slows everyone including the caster down by 10 points who enters

Is slow to form, takes one full post, due to coagulation and density of the blood

Name: Bloody Armor
Rank: D
Type: Defensive,Supplemental
Duration:5 posts
Cooldown:6 posts
Description: the caster coats his whole body in a armor made of blood, the speed is rather fast as the blood seeps out of every pore to coat his body in the blood, the armor being increased because of the abilities of the style of magic

Strengths: Full Body Coverage- this Armor covers his entire body from head to toe, leaving no inch for a soft spot.

Because of Black blood the Armor is increased by The amount of Magical Power.

Because of Liquidation slashing and bashing physical attacks are less effective, Damage Reduction of 10

Weaknesses: Piercing, this Armor if recives piercing damage, it not only is ineffective, but the armor falls off right there into a puddle around the wearers feet

While wearing this Armor, the speed is dropped by 10 points, due to the heaviness of the blood

when attacked you must use pints of blood equal to the rank of the attack to replace the armor

Can not use Detonation while in this form

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Dark Blood Magic
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