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 Fūjin Stratas

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PostSubject: Fūjin Stratas   Fūjin Stratas Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 4:41 pm

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Name: Fūjin Stratas
Gender: Male
Age:  17
Sexuality: straight
Birthday: 3rd May
Anything Special: Back is covered in large scars, fang like canines.

Outside Battle:
Fūjin is intelligent and perceptive enough to make some sense of facial expressions of people who usually show none being able to notice the finer details this is usually because of his tenancy to remain quiet (apart from giving unneeded/unwanted off had sarcastic comments) when in large crowds or in a group conversation and takes in as much info from his surrounds. When people comment on this one person saying he acts more like an owl then a wolf, he replied saying "Look, owls and wolves are hunters and more or often stalk the prey before killing it, in other getting information on it." this is also because of the fact that he has trust issues with people due to the fact that his "family" was killed off poachers/hunters. Being raised in the wild by his foster father and a wolf pack when he was young he is fiercely loyal to those that gain his trust and those who he trust would see him as a completely different person then those he doesn't. Those he trusts he considers family and is very overprotective of them to the point where he will do just about anything to protect them.  To the people he doesn't trust he comes across as rather cold hearted, cynical, sarcastic a-hole who looks on the negatives of life and can be very dense with things such as bromance. To the people he trusts he is a warm, kind hearted, caring person and a fiercely loyal friend, chilled / laid back person who gets angered and embarrassed easily. When Fujin is angry he becomes hot headed, rash and often growls at the person / people who pissed him off while showing his teeth similar to how a wolf threatens other creatures. When he is embarrassed he will blush intensely, if he go embarrassed by making a mistake he will then to scratch his nose, cheek or the back of his head and try to laugh it off, when he gets embarrassed from the person he is romantically interested in he will still blush while also stuttering and avoiding eye contact while acting a bit of a tsundere. But no matter if he trusts you or not he can still be seen as a socially awkward sarcastic person.

Inside battle:
Fūjin is very care free and relaxed when fighting and fights as if he is just going with the flow of the battle constantly making sarcastic and smart comments always making fun of those he is fighting. Also he is able to keep his head cool in almost every situation making him a person who can work under very high amounts of pressure in dire situations which is one of the plus points about him, but he does tend to get angry easily and when he does he goes berserk with his magic not caring if he inflicts injuries on himself. Being raised by a wolf pack for a large part of his life he can take charge of a team and work with one flawlessly even if they didn't train together and he will never leave a comrade behind human, monster or animal. Also from his life among the wolves he has gained an ability adapt to almost any given situation and environment, along with his unusual fighting style that resemble a mixture of multiple martial arts and street fighting but makes him resemble a wild animal most of all.

•Animals: strong liking towards animals after being raised by wolves and grew up alongside wolf cubs after his foster parent disappeared.

•Adventure: his foster parent “Fujinrahai” told him stories of his travels around the world which lead to him having dreams of himself traveling around the world also

•His katanas: a gift from Fujinrahai for his fifth birthday and was taught how use them with his magic,

•Wind: makes him feel safe and somewhat not alone,

•Friends: he longs for someone to protect like Fujinrahai protected him, they also calm his Autophobia

•Being alone or isolated: after being abandoned by Fujinrahai at the age of ten he has developed Autophobia the fear of being alone,

•Losing someone he trusts/loves: due to his Autophobia he has feels the need to protect anyone he holds dear and if he loses someone he trusts or holds dear he will get very emotional, depressed and sometimes violent,

•Violence: tries to avoid unnecessary conflict due to his moral of “nobody deserves to die”,

•Traveling by vehicle: he gets sick when he travels on them and he plainly doesn't trust them after growing up in the wild.

•Finding Fujinrahai: so he can have closure to understand why he was left behind.  

•Finding that special someone: he wants to have a meaning in life and wants to protect that person who is dearest to him,

•To be rid of his fears: so his mind can be at peace

•Autophobia: after being abandoned by Fujinrahai at the age of ten he has developed Autophobia the fear of being alone,

•Arsonphobia: he developed Arsonphobia after watching a who village being burned down by a dark guild, and will start to feel sick and sometimes throw up if he sees a living being on fire.

•Dementophobia: very self-conscience about how his back looks because of his scars

General Appearance:
Height: 6 foot and 2 inches tall
Weight:  64 kilograms
Hair Color/Style: wind blown wavy chocolate brown hair and turns normal brown in the sun. curls up went wet.
Eye Color:  stunning, cold, piercing, sky blue eyes
Skin Tone: naturally tan
Physical Appearance & Clothing: has the build of a 21 year old man and his common attire consists of a blue trousers, a blue long sleeve shirt that has black sleeves with two bands on each sleeve, a green flak jacket, blue forehead protector, blue sandals and is almost always see wearing a short-sleeved long white haori over his normal attire, closed in the front by a thin, orange rope. The haori was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges, with the guild crest on the centre of the back of the haori.  

Guild/Council: Dragon Heart
Guild/Council Tattoo: located on the centre of his chest.
Class: X

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PostSubject: Re: Fūjin Stratas   Fūjin Stratas Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 8:17 pm

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Fūjin Stratas
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