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 Storm Dragon Slayer Magic

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PostSubject: Storm Dragon Slayer Magic   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 4:53 pm

Name of Magic; Storm Dragon Slayer Magic
Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster/Lost/Slayer
Current Rank; X
Description; Storm Dragon Slayer magic was taught to Fūjin by the King of Storm Dragons, Fūjinrahai, who ruled the skies and brought forth Storms from the skies controlled by nature and other storm dragons, leaving all storms were under his command though did this not apply to the Holy and Demonic Storms conjured by Tempest Gods and Demon. Fūjinrahai was infamous among the Tempest Gods and Demons as even though they weren't his domain to meddle with he would often interfere if the collateral damage would be too great earning their fear and respect. Fūjin is the son of Fūjinrahai of when temporarily gained a human form a mishap when being attacked by a wizard that utilized a take-over magic, leaving him in a human form for a few years durning which Fūjinrahai had fallen in love and had a child with a Demi-Dragon Dragon Hunter known as Ember Scarlet.
The story Fūjin was given by his father was that he was found and adopted by Fūjinrahai after being found in a field being surrounded by a pack of wolves that lived in his territory. He took him in, raised him as his own as did the wolves treating him as one of the pack as they treated Fūjinraha as their alpha. Fūjinraha giving him his name Fūjin, naming him after himself. Over the years he Fūjin how to read, write, speak (in human, animal and dragon tongue) and hunt with the help of the wolf pack and eventually despite the history the magic had taught Fūjin Storm Dragon Slayer Magic in order to defend himself. Fūjin was not a fast learner through the traditional sense and the eyes of a dragon but for a human he learned to master this infamous magic in the time span of two years.
Dragon Slayers are a unique type of people who utilize a form of Lost Magic, Dragon Slayer Magic, each having their own form of the magic, just like each Dragon is a master of their own element. Dragon Slayers also has the ability to eat their own element/s. Doing so rejuvenates them and enhances their abilities though they can only eat their respected element/s if they are pure. Dragon Slayers possess much keener senses and physical abilities than that of normal humans such as in Strength, Smell, Sight and Endurance and are rumored to be on par of that of a dragon and are said to become stronger after bathing in the blood of Dragon that they have slain.
•Being a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, the user can consume and have a resistance to external sources of thunder, wind, lightening, rain, etc. to restore their body and vitality as well as cast their spells.
• Due to the nature of air based slayer magic, the body of the caster is able to adapt to the rapid decreases or increases in atmospheric pressure and in air density. Meaning that the user would be able to breath normally high above sea level unaffected by the air thinning. The user can also survive the harsh storm elements of their spells to the point where it seems that they don't affect the user in any way.
• The user being a dragon slayer through the use of their magic capabilities is it's has complete control over the three storm elements, wind, water and lightning. Being able to touch and hold them as if they were solids or semi-solids.

• Storm Slayers are at a disadvantage compared to that of normal slayers as their element is the reaction of three elements (Air, Lightning, water) though being able to consume all three two always show a side effect. Also the user is unable to eat the storm elements mixed with other elements and is not able to eat storm elements produced by god or demon slayers.
• Due to the type magic the caster can't use his magic for stealth purposes for it being to loud and violent in nature.
• Due to the magic's nature it often covers a large area leaving a high risk factor for allies to be harm unintentionally by the magic.

Air Flow Sensory
~The user passively the ability to detect the slightest movements in the air caused by unnatural causes such as a creature moving, though being storm dragon slayer he is also ble to detect unnatural changes in water mousture in the air along with any form of electric currents traveling through the air. Acting of a natural radar or a sixth sense for the user, but just because the user could sense an attack coming from behind it doesn't mean he would be able to block it in time that comes down to the users agility and the attackers attack agility. The range of detection is 50 meter radius with the user in the epicenter but increases by 10 meters with each rank.

Air Time
~The user gains the ability to passively fly along with floating just above the ground. The user flies at gale force 12 wind speeds (117.4 km/h) but he can only reach that speed when flying granted there are no objects blocking his way and the user can only fly at gale force 11 speeds for an hour before having to take a 15 minute rest.

Stormy Personality
~The user's magic is linked to their emotions meaning if the user gets angry or upset on a sunny they he could make it rain on their parade with realizing it or if he gets made he may end up through physical contact passively shocks those around them. The electrocution caused by lightning equal to the strength of the user's rank. Repetitive shocking/electrocution to the same single target will decrease by 1 rank with each hit. It also interferes with any non machinery causing computers and etc. to go haywire around him depending on his attitude, though it does not however effect machine based magic unless stated in the opponents magic.

Slayer Standards
~Being a slayer magic the user has mastery over their respected element which in this case is storm. Like all slayers the user is able to consume large amounts of their respected element(s) allows them to re-energize and rejuvenate their body as well as allow them to cast their spells though being a dragon slayer the user can only eat pure forms of their element unlike demon slayers and their god slayer counterparts. Being a dragon slayer the user has access to the Dragon Skin ability and the infamous Dragon Force along with having the physical/melee performance and senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and taste) on par with a dragon along with having a resistance to their respected element.

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PostSubject: Re: Storm Dragon Slayer Magic   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 5:09 pm

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Storm Dragon Slayer Magic
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