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 Magic System Rules

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PostSubject: Magic System Rules   Wed 26 Aug 2015, 2:37 pm


Every character on the site has access to magic. Your magic is closely tied to your character, and is the main way of doing combat on the site. Magic has many uses outside of combat as well, but for most part it will be used in that way. First, every magic has a type, depending on how it works. Next, you have your spell slots, which determine how many differing spells you can have. Finally, there is your magical power, which is what allows you to cast spells.


All magics trace back to one of two types, Caster or Holder. Each has differing properties, and you can decide which your character uses by seeing how you align with them. Caster mages draw their power from inside themselves, forming and casting spells  based solely on that. Holder mages use differing items to help with their magic, projecting their magic power through them to unleash devastating effects. Holder mages don't have to channel and form their magic on their own, making it less strenuous on them and reducing the magical power cost of their abilities by 5%, but it cannot reduce it below 5% total cost with this effect. But, this comes at a cost, as their items can be broken or lost, removing their ability to cast their magic. Caster mages do not suffer from this restriction, and while they don't benefit from the magical power reduction, they do not risk losing their magic temporarily.

There are also several sub-type that magic can have as well. Not every magic has to have a subtype. Below are the four different subtypes.

Requip - Requip mages make use of powerful armors and weapons to slash down their foes, as well as several support based spells to help themselves. Exclusively a Holder magic, Requip mages can summon enchanted armors and weapons to fight against their opponent, creating them until they are no longer needed and dispelling them. Keeping with equipment rules, Requip spells that summon armor and weapons count alongside weapon rules, allowing use of only one armor and up to two weapons at a time. In the case of already own a physical weapon, Requip mages can enchant their current weapons with the traits of their summons, alongside the weapons current traits.

Summoning - By summoning other creatures to aid them, mages can fight alongside them in battle. Summoners do have limits on how many summons they can have at once however, only able to control up to 3 creatures at any point. Summons of any rank have 3 passive traits and 3 combat ablities/spells, however a summon can forfit all spells/combat abilities in order to gain a fourth passive trait and vice versa. It takes no cost for the Summoner to summon a creature, coming in at not cost. However, the more summons one keeps open at once, the more magical power it takes to keep them active, draining magical power based on the rank of the summons. Below is the drain per levels of the summons;
Rank D - 5%
Rank C - 5%
Rank B - 10%
Rank A - 10%
Rank S - 15%

Take-Over - Transforming your body into that of another creature, Take-Over mages grant themselves powerful buffs to combat. As spells, Take-Over mages have partial take overs, allowing them to transform sections or parts of their body into something else. When they transform at least 3 partial take-overs, they experience a full take-over, granting them access to more powerful effects based on the creature they are taking over.

Lost - A magic lost to the rest of the world, Lost magic is one of a kind. They are very powerful compared to most magic, and their secondary magic MUST tie into their primary magic somehow. Users of lost magic are granted an extra spell slot at each rank.

Slayer - Drawing their powers from differing mythical beings, there are three types of Slayers; Dragon Slayers, Demon Slayers and God Slayers. There are very few slayers in the world, as all trained directly under one of the aforementioned beings. Slayers can consume magic to regain magical power, and also give deal increased damage to their respective mentors. However, Slayers are considered a Lost magic, and while they gain the additional stats and spell slots, they are unable to learn a secondary magic outside of becoming a different generation of Slayer.

Holder Magic
Holder Magic, is a magic that requires an item or weapon as a medium to cast your spells. That item can be broken or stolen and is incredibly important to a user of this type of magic. Each user of holder magic is granted an item that ranks up with you. However, if the holder item were to be broken in battle whether it be hit by a higher ranked spell or hit by a higher rank holder item, it can be repaired at the cost Jewels.

D rank: 10,000 Jewels
C rank: 30,000 Jewels
B rank: 50,000 Jewels
A rank: 70,000 Jewels
S rank: 90,000 Jewels

Spell Slots

Spell slots are what determine how many different spells a mage can have at once. For each spell slot, a mage can have 1 corresponding spell. For each spell slot there is an assigned Rank that determines what Rank of spell can be used to fill it. Please note that a spells Rank does not determine it's damage directly, as that is what Spell Power does, but rather determines how much a spell can do overall.

Spell slots are unlocked two ways; either through naturally leveling up and ranking up, perks, or unlocking additional slots. The most common ways to unlock additional slots is to buy them in the shop. Below is a list of all naturally gained slots through leveling as well as how many you can have maximum. Please note that for Lost and Slayer Magic you receive an additional slot per Rank naturally.

Rank D - 4 Natural, 7 Max
Rank C - 3 Natural, 6 Max
Rank B - 3 Natural, 5 Max
Rank A - 2 Natural, 4 Max
Rank S - 2 Natural, 3 Max

Power of the spells

Spells have a certain degree of might to them, a base power amount of power. Meaning all spells have at least this much power in them based on their rank. The base power of spells is as follows:

-D-rank: 10
-C-rank: 25
-B-rank: 40
-A-rank: 60
-S-rank: 90

To determine the power of your spells take the base power + your spell power = spells power.

So a D-rank mage with 10 magic power casting a d-rank spell would go as follows:

10 base power for a d-rank spell + 10 spell power = 20 raw power.

Ranges for Spells

Point blank range: Spread out your arms. There you go. That’s point blank range.
Close Range: 10 ft(3.048 m).
Short Range: This is human range. 100 ft (30.48 m).
Mid range: 400 ft (121.92 m). Minimum requirements to hit mid range is a dexterity of 40.
Long Range: A real distance. 1000 yds(914.4 m).  Minimum requirements to hit long range is a dexterity of 90.
Sniper Range: 3000 yds(2743.2 m).Requirements to hit from this range is a dexterity of 150.
Master range: This is the entire field. No matter where they are or how far they run, if they are in the thread, you can put an arrow in their knee. Requirements to hit from this range is a dexterity of 250 and S-rank.

Magic Power

Magical Power is well of magical energy existing in all characters. This is what you draw the power from to cast spells, as well as how you are seen by other mages. Naturally, all mages have a flat 100% magical power at the beginning of any thread, special circumstances excluded. Casting any spell takes a set amount away from that pool, depending on the rank of the spell cast. For reference, here are the cost per spell of each rank;

Rank D - 5%
Rank C - 10%
Rank B - 15%
Rank A - 20%
Rank S - 25%

As well, mages naturally recover magical power based on posts per thread. The magic power is recovered over time, naturally every five posts. The amount recovered per rank is as followed, all outside sources excluded;

D-rank - regenerate 5% MP every five posts.
C-rank - regenerate 10% MP every five posts.
B-rank - regenerate 15% MP every five posts.
A-rank - regenerate 20% MP every five posts.
S-rank - regenerate 25% MP every five posts.
X-rank - regenerate 30% MP every five post

Signature Spells

A signature spell, is a spell that only one person in the whole world knows how to cast and use. It is related to the theme of their magic and is simple in its design. Each mage is capable of casting a signature spell.

Signature spells give you a free extra spell slot and have no mana cost but can also only be used twice per thread. A signature spell becomes more powerful as you rank up but still has no cost.

Every mage has a total of two signature spells. Those two signature spells are unlocked at certain levels.

1st Signature Spell: Unlocked at level 14, C Rank

2nd Signature Spell: Unlocked at level 26, A Rank

When your signature spells are unlocked, they MUST equal the power of the rank they are unlocked at, and can only be edited to be stronger when you rank up.

Secondary Magic

Every wizard has a primary AND secondary magic that they have access to.(Excluding wizards who use lost magic) A wizards secondary magic is unlocked at B rank and each rank gives them one spell slot.

D Rank - 1 spell slot
C Rank - 1 spell slot
B Rank - 1 spell slot
A Rank - 1 spell slot
S Rank - 1 spell slot

When a wizard's secondary magic is unlocked, they have the option to train their secondary magic with a mentor that is higher ranked in a training thread that is 15 posts long, 200 words each. OR they can just use their secondary magic without any training.

Over time, a wizard is able to unlock more spell slots for their secondary magic(yet to be figured out)
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Magic System Rules
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