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 Fujin's item

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PostSubject: Fujin's item   Fujin's item Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 5:07 pm

Name: Animus Jactus
Rank: S
Type: Ring
Description: The Animus Jactus is custom-made ring one of the signature tools of Fūjin Stratas and have been left behind by the once great Scarlet Hunters which were the name given to the Stratas clan by the public due to their most dominant hair and eye color was red, his mother in particular. The ring itself is made from an alloy of Mithril Silver and Damascus Steel with the edges lined with Imperial Gold and has magic runes engraved on the band. The magic runes used on these knives were and still are unqie to the Stratas family tree and can only be activated by a user of the family blood line and as such this family heirloom as like the two heirlooms focuses on one of three magics the Stratas clan used to be renouned magical creature slayers (including gods, dragons and demons without the use of their respected slaying magics though family records show it would take a group of 10 to take down even one of the big three) before they were exiled from Fiore or killed due to the paranoia of the citizens.
The three magics the Stratas clan studied, reinvented and practiced was Elemental Purifaction Magic, Teleportation Magic and Projection Magic. The magic used and that was focused on when making this magical relic of the old days was forged with the primally focus of being used and was enhanced with the Stratas clan's Projection magic by allowing the wearer to project projectile spells they would usually need their body for to be projected in front of them along with a barrier for a quick defence or mid-air platform, while it provided an aid to their teleportation magic allowing the user to leave up two ten magic seals on anything the user touches each one to acting like marker from which a bloodline weilder of the item can use them in conjunction with the Vorpal Blades kunai and objects between each of the kunai. The kunai being forged from an alloy of Mithril Silver and Damascus Steel it cannot be broken though it doesnt provide any protection.

• only a member of the Stratas clan bloodline can wield it would be one of the blades to use their powers.
• The ring is embedded with an unique form of projection and teleportation magic.
• The rings overall durability is almost unparalleled.

• The actual ring itself does not provide any protection for the user like armor would.
• The user has to be wearing the ring to be able to use its teleporting abilities.
• The abilities of the ring are not perfect they only work as well as their user, reflecting their stats.

Abilities :
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Rin Moriyama

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PostSubject: Re: Fujin's item   Fujin's item Icon_minitimeSun 30 Aug 2015, 10:21 pm

Fujin's item BmgBYNp

Fujin's item A7g21Fs

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Fujin's item
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