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 Rin's Weapon

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Rin Moriyama

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PostSubject: Rin's Weapon   Rin's Weapon Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 6:54 pm

Name: Tempest Breaker
Rank: S
Type: Multi-form Weapon
Tempest Breaker is a legendary weapon that was used by the king of tempest demons, Demyx, wielded during his reign. Demyx bestowed his most valued partner onto his adopted daughter Rin. Tempest Breaker is a multi form weapon that takes on four different forms. A rapier, a long sword, a crossbow, and a dulled ax/ ornate staff. Each form is powerful in their own right and each form gives Rin a different power. The four forms are named; Ray of Hope, Winter Soul, Crystalline Faith, and Tempest's Wrath. Tempest Breaker can only be wielded by whom it deems worthy. For a very long time, it did not recognize Rin as it's new master. Rin grew strong by training in order for her father's old partner to except her as its new master and partner in battle. Rin treasures the tempest breaker due to the fact its one of the very few things she has that reminds her of her father.

Many Forms of Tempest Breaker:

- The weapon can shift into 4 different forms.
- Certain forms of the weapon absorbs Eternano particles from the air giving certain forms no elemental weaknesses
- Each form grants the user a different temporary stat boost

Weapon Form Stat boosts:

- Each form's stat boosts are only active when that form is active, if the user changes to a different weapon form, the stat boost from the - previous form will be replaced by the new form's stat boost.
- Certain forms have no elemental strengths due to the ethernano particles that are absorbed into the weapon from the air.
- Each form has no more than one ability.  




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Rin's Weapon
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