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 Mitsuki Akiyama

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PostSubject: Mitsuki Akiyama   Mitsuki Akiyama Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 7:42 pm

Name: Mitsuki Akiyama
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: October 13th
Race: Demi-demon
Anything Special:
two pairs of black wings that pop out of her head and back.

Mitsuki is a very outgoing and bubbly person. She likes sweets and acts very cute. However, she loves violence. She feels that there is something wrong with the world and doesn't think their should be anyone governing the world at all. She feels that chaos will bring about peace and wishes to destroy the current world order. Mitsuki enjoys killing the weak, She believes that only the strong should be allowed to survive. She can be quite manipulative, twisting peoples' words to benefit herself. Because of her cute act, not many people realize she's from a dark guild which always works to her advantage. Mitsuki is sneaky, twisted and chaotic. She'll use all means to get what she wants, even if it means sacrificing lives to obtain her goal. When it comes speaking her mind, let's just say she's not afraid to say what she really thinks but when it comes to matters of her true feelings, Mitsuki's words tend to contradict her actions, making her a tsundere. If there's a person in her life whom she has romantic feelings for, she won't hesitate to get rid of anyone who could be her love rival by means of taking their life. Mitsuki is quite clumsy, she can easily trip over her own feet. Mitsuki likes to manipulate others to do her dirty work for her and likes to be praised by others that she recognizes. She doesn't care much for people she finds boring but if she thinks they can be useful to her, she'll put up with them until she no longer has use for them.  

In battle, Mitsuki is cold and ruthless, she will cut down any foe she meets without a second thought. She is cold and calculating and never let's her enemies know what's she thinking. Most of the time, Mitsuki thinks of battle as a game of tag and she's it. If she catches you, you're a goner. She finds taunting her enemies and playing with them and enjoys the thrills and chills of cutting down an enemy to the fullest.
-Blood: Mitsuki likes blood, she loves everything about it and thinks its pretty.
-The color red: she likes the color red because its the color of blood when first spilled
-Reading: Mitsuki is a bookworm, she especially enjoys reading gore novels and dark alchemy books.
-The Magic Council: Mitsuki has a pure hatred of the magic council, they like to spoil her fun and in her eyes, are the real evil in the world
-Churches: Being a demi-demon, Mitsuki hates the church and wants to burn them all to ashes.
-Legal guilds: Mitsuki finds legal guilds to be disgusting, all goody two shoes and heroes, they make her sick.
-Power: Mitsuki wants power so she can fulfill her ambitions and obtain her goals
-Money: She wants to become rich, she feels if she has money, she can also have power
-Love: Mitsuki may be evil but she does wish to find love and have a family
-Premature Death: Mitsuki doesn't want to die before she's obtained power and realized all her dreams
-Remaining weak: Mitsuki fears that she will be forever weak and not be able to do anything.
-Never being loved: Mitsuki wants to find happiness, she fears that no one might ever love her

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 101 Lbs
Hair color & Style: Scarlet red, goes past her waist. is just down
Eye Color: Same color as hair
Skin Tone: fair
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Guild/Council: Succubus Eye
Guild/Council Tattoo: In the middle of her back(magenta)
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PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Akiyama   Mitsuki Akiyama Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 7:46 pm

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Mitsuki Akiyama
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