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 The Code of a Dragon Heart

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PostSubject: The Code of a Dragon Heart   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 8:52 pm

Dragon Heart is one of the few Neutral Wizard Guild's in the world. We of Dragon Heart in this guild of those with Dragon Hearts are not legal nor illegal mages. We as a guild have two resolves, we fight for a to protect Fiore and it's inhabitants from all foes foreign and domestic, while we follow our hearts searching for what it has lost or desires while helping others do the same. We operate as a guild normally would doing what must be done for the protection of those whom we love and those we wish to see flourish, if that be defeating a dark guild then so be it, if it is to save a sentenced Mage from death because the Magic Council has no other reason than to make an 'example' of someone we stop them.
We do not go seeking trouble, nor do we bring it to our own doorstep, our job is to protect the citizens. We are not bound by the rules of the Council although we follow them until they are immoral or unjust, that is what this guild represents. Freedom and strength as a family whilst fighting for the greater good.

These are the simple iron clad rules to surviving in Dragon Heart, known as the Code of The Dragon:

  • Never attack a fellow Guild mate out of spite or anger.

  • Always give your all to whoever needs your help.

  • Stay true to yourself and the Guild.

  • Never start a fight with any opposing Guild members.

  • Never provoke a Guild into a war or bring a war to our doorstep, we have friends in several Legal/Dark Guilds as well as their Guild Masters and we want to keep it that way.

  • NEVER commit a crime or attack someone for your own personal gain.
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The Code of a Dragon Heart
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