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 The Guild Hall

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PostSubject: The Guild Hall   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 8:57 pm

Welcome one and all to the home of one of the few Neutral Guild’s of the world known as Dragon Heart, It rests in on the mountain range of the neutral grounds a short carriage ride from the city’s train station but fair enough from the city for the use of magic to take place with the guild halls and property. The guild itself is currently under the leadership of the leader of founding members and first Guild Master, Fūjin Stratas. This easy going, warm hearted and caring person has already began to lead Dragon Heart into hopeful  future and has made the guild hall an outstanding home to all who bear the mark of the guild. The guild hall in total sits on a total of 25,867 sq ft of land and was carved out of the face of a small mountain standing at 43 metres (141 ft) tall

The guild itself is looks similar to that of a mix of a church and a castle and in terms of size it stretches across a total of 25,867 sq ft of land and was carved out of the face of a small mountain standing at 43 metres (141 ft) tall. Though unlike most castle and buildings the guild hall doesn’t really have floors just corridors leading from one location to the next not having a certain set rooms on one level. The whole inside of the guild hall inside and out, walls, floors and ceilings were chiselled out of the mountain it is located on and has countless marble bannisters aligning the outside, all of which have been polished and smoothed out to be like marble and can be accessed from inside while the building being practically impossible to climb or scale from the outside. After you enter the main foyer were a map of the guild and a clocking system for members is you will find two paths to follow from, the first will lead you up a set of stairs that leads to the council room for when the guild master or an ace takes out handpicked squads, when two representatives of other guilds to meet the guild master or when the guild master is receiving reports from his Ace’s. If you went underneath the set of stairs you would end up in the guild’s main hall where it has a fully functioning bar/restaurant, job board, team and dorm registrations, a suggestion box, a stage fully open to the members and a balcony that is connected to the council room. From the main hall you can get to almost any location within the guild building through what would look like a maze of corridors to an outsider of the guild. On the top of each tower, on each of the guild’s outer walls on every banner that hangs in the guild it will have the guild’s emblem, hanging proudly for all too see, this is also seen being held up by the statues of dragons that line the bridge that leads into the grounds of the Guild.


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The Guild Hall
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