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 Adrien Fionn

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PostSubject: Adrien Fionn   Adrien Fionn Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 10:20 pm

Name: Adrien Fionn
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Demi-demon
Birthday: 6th of June
Sexuality: asexual but does have rare moments of heterosexuality
Special Characteristics: He has scars all over both his arms and hands but they are most noticeable along both of his wrists going up and along his arm.
Outside of battle: Adrien can easily be described as a lazy and blunt individual, rarely ever doing anything that requires significant exertion and never being afraid of speaking his mind. Adrien is also not shy about cheating to complete a task if it means he has to work less.  Adrian has  a very cynical demeanour and is generally stoic, afraid to allow his emotions to control him. He is very realistic, always prioritizing success and practicality over aesthetics and superficial-ness. Adrien has also proven to be a very shy person, prone to stuttering when nervous and uncomfortable about physical contact with others, unless he is fighting them. He has developed an obsession of whenever he is dirty or something near him is dirty or could possible give him a disease, infection, etc., etc., he will go into a clean frenzy making sure it perfectly clean and safe in his mind before going near the object, place or person if he is able to clean if he isn’t able to clean it he will have a nervous breakdown and will need to be moved away from the area to an clean environment. Adrien doesn’t come to trust people easily and wouldn’t forgive someone easily either seeing how to him they would have to earn back his trust.  He is constantly putting himself down and tends to be isolated because of it not that he cares as he prefers to do thing himself with out as in his mind people interfere, he doesn’t know why he is constantly putting himself and some think it’s about self-esteem issues, however he always ends up putting others before himself…in his own special why…which is usually scaring them away from danger with death threats.
Inside battle: Inside battle he is able to keep his head cool in almost every situation, but he does tend to get angry easily and when he does he goes berserk with his magic not caring if he inflicts injuries on himself and if anyone tried their luck with taunting, even when he is already going berserk because he doesn’t care and won’t pay attention to them. He is a person who can work under very high amounts of pressure in dire situations which is one of the plus points about him. Though he isn’t one for team work he is the kind of person who wouldn’t leave somebody to die, as for his strategies he doesn’t have any and ends up winging the situation even if there is a plan to follow but no matter what he does it tends to work out most of the time. When fighting when he isn’t angry he is cool calm and collected and usually taunts his opponent by dodging or blocking their attacks doing this and from knowing the map of blood veins and arteries of the human body like the back of his hand he is able to see the weak spots and hitting them hard to win the battle making it seem he was in control of the fight the entire time.
• For everything to be perfectly clean so he is never in risk of getting sick.
• Food with lots of Iron in it, this is because of his magic.
• Getting all his anger and stress out by sparring with a very willing hypocritical priest who was trying to call him a demon...he really hates religon.
• Any form of sickness or dirt due to his phobia.
• Having to kill things and people but will if he has to.
• He hates people in general because he sees them just getting in his way.
• To become one of the Ten Lords of Chaos.
• To kill his father for abandoning him, sister and mother.
• To be able one day to use dragon’s blood in his magic and seeing what happens.
• Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia and Pathophobia all link into each other of the fear of dirt, being dirty contamination. This is caused by his magic which exposes him to various sicknesses.
• Necrophobia: Necrophobia is the fear of death or dead things, he isn’t afraid of death or of taking a life but he is afraid of dead things mainly living things such as animals. Whenever he sees a dead body even if he is the one who killed them he will instantly faint.
• Hagiophobia is the fear of saints and holy things. He developed this after being declared a demon by a church once due to a miss understanding and had several near death experiences because of it.

General Appearance
Height: 5 feet and 9 inches tall
Weight: 59 kilograms
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey (become blood shot when using magic)
Skin Tone: extremely pale
Appearance: He is pretty average sized and a little underweight for your typical teenager, he has long snow white hair is naturally spike for some reason. Though many of his facial features are average he is considered to be very attractive and almost dreamy to a lot of people both men and women but doesn’t care to the fact he is asexual. He has a build that could be consider athletic but at the same time could be consider bony. His attire usually consist of the a black blazer or hoodie over a dark green or red t-shirt if he is not walking bare chested along with black slim fitting dress trousers and white sneakers.

Guild: Hydra Sin
Tattoo: The Hydra Sin guild crest crimson red in colour on the back of his neck within a Celtic circle and Celtic marking running along his spine.
Rank: X (Temp GM already approved by Rin)
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PostSubject: Re: Adrien Fionn   Adrien Fionn Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 10:49 pm

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^^Made by Adrien ^^
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Adrien Fionn
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