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 Blood Moulding Magic

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PostSubject: Blood Moulding Magic    Fri 28 Aug 2015, 10:24 pm

Name of Magic: Blood Moulding Magic
Type/Subtype of Magic: Caster
Current Rank: D
Description: As the title says, it is moulding magic that gives the ability to manipulate their own blood and blood out side of other living thing (such as a blood stain on shirt) in various ways such as shaping and solidifying it to form constructs (they are limited to this ability as to how much blood they have). The magic user can create a variety of objects out of blood to be used for offensive, defensive or miscellaneous purposes.  Outside of combat, the user can also use the magic for solidifying the blood and using as a wound dressing, stanching bleeding and preventing the swell of an injury.
When a spell is casted, a crimson circular magic rune will appear in front of the user, or wherever the each spell is supposed to sprout out from. When being used the casters veins and arteries bulge and press up against the skin while the casters eyes become bloodshot.


Dead-man Walking
~The magic gives the caster a rapid fire healing factor when it comes to physical injuries then most wizards, for example a deep gash could take a few weeks to heal normally would heal up in a matter of minutes. The user can also small loose chunks of their flesh only to have their body back to normal in a few days (or weeks/months also this does not make him immortal loose of large parts of body and/or vital organs will kill him). The user can also reattach limbs that are cut off but doing so causes them to feel the pain of when they had the limb cut off the first time. The healing factor follows the following chart for P.v.P and NPC.V.P:

Hot Blooded
~The user having complete control over their blood has the ability to alter the temperature of said blood for short periods of time at the cost of a recoil. At the cost of 5% HP per post and spell used with this ability the user heats their blood to the point it can light things on fire and cut through metal given a sharp edge through a spell.

The Alpha Type
~The users bloods/magic is compatible with any other type of blood for the likes of a blood transfusion.

Blood Hound
~The users can identify different bloods upon scent on surpassing a slayers nose but only when smelling for blood.

Signature Spells:

D Rank Spells:
C Rank Spells:
B Rank Spell:
A Rank Spells:
S Rank Spell:
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Blood Moulding Magic
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