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Alexander Vaan

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PostSubject: Alexander's Equipment   Alexander's Equipment Icon_minitimeSat 29 Aug 2015, 12:36 am

Name: Volt Breakers
Rank: C
Type: 'Brass' Knuckles
Description: Acquired as a parting gift for Forneus, they are rarely used due to Alexander's dislike to fighting. They are magically statically charged metal knuckles used to enhance Alexander's CQC fighting style.
- Added weight and force due to mass of weapons
- Added strength due to magical properties
- Easy to keep from breaking due to closeness to the hands
- Melee Weapon
- Limited range, even for a melee weapon. They are just small extensions of the hand.
- No active abilities
- +30 to Strength Stat when used
- Passively electrically charged, adding lightning to each regular punch dealing 1 D rank of damage every other attack. (Requires contact)

*New Item*

Name: Battle Suit
Rank: C
Strengths: ( List the all the strengths of the weapon )
Weaknesses: ( List al of its weaknesses )
- +30 to Agility Stat
Suit Variation-Winged Zero:
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Alexander's Equipment
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