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 Golden Key Registration

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PostSubject: Golden Key Registration   Golden Key Registration Icon_minitimeWed 26 Aug 2015, 5:05 pm

Unlike Silver Keys, there are only twelve golden keys and they are pre-made. They are more powerful than their silver counterpart and represent the Zodiac. Each person can only own ONE golden key at a time. You must put your name, guild and a pretty good rp of you coming upon the key, thank you. If you wish to know about the Zodiac keys, look each up on the Fairy Tail Wiki. To have a golden key, celestial spirit magic must be your primary. If you wish, you may change the general appearance of a spirit, but must keep their core values and skills. Please state this in your post.

Aries, the Ram- OPEN
Taurus, the Golden Bull- OPEN
Gemini, the Twins- OPEN
Cancer, the Giant Crab- OPEN
Leo, the Lion- OPEN
Virgo, the Maiden- OPEN
Libra, the Scales- OPEN
Scorpio, the Scorpion- OPEN
Sagittarius, the Archer- OPEN
Capricorn, the Golden Goat- OPEN
Aquarius, the Water Bearer- OPEN
Pisces, The Giant Fish- OPEN

Golden Key Application:

Note: If you go inactive for two or more months, you will be stripped of your key.
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Golden Key Registration
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