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 Alexander Vaan

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Alexander Vaan

Alexander Vaan

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PostSubject: Alexander Vaan   Alexander Vaan Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 5:19 pm

Name:Alexander Vaan
Birthday:May 5
Anything Special:N/A

Personality:Alexander is a very interesting person when it comes to his personality. He is one person who you may never quite know what he is thinking or what he is feeling at any certain time. He tends to be one without any visible emotions for most of the time, leaving contextual clues to be not very prevalent in his conversations. He also tends to not be one for any sort of social aspects to himself, tending to by himself observing people rather than being in the center of the festive party. Even with all this, his normal facial expression is not one of hostility or despair, but one of a somewhat calming and soothing look to him.
These things tend to be his most outward, but he does tend to have a more 'open' personality once you smash through his outer shell. He has a somewhat protective nature for those who he has an attachment to, showing kindness and compassion for them. Even then he still keeps a somewhat distant nature still through and through. He also tends to actually carry on conversations with these people, being probably the only time a person would here his voice unless it was urgent.
Now on to the point of combat with Alexander and the way he thinks and acts, and to put it bluntly it does not change much. He still acts just as clam and collective as he did before, and when he is just fighting a person one on one, he tends to be a little bit more quiet and focused on the single person. That being said, its when he is fighting to protect those he finds precious is when he shows his true colors. He seems to push his body and abilities to the extreme to protect the people he finds as family, doing everything in his power to protect them.

  • Quiet Places-Alexander tends to prefer a calm and quiet place to relax and enjoy himself.

  • The Color White-White is such a simplistic color to Alexander, usually being a color of peace and compromise

  • Candy- He has a slight addiction to hard candy, and enjoys it very much.

  • Unnecessary Violence- Alexander has a distaste for meaningless violence.

  • Chocolate- Alexander finds chocolate to be a tad bit to sweet and soft for his liking

  • Gummy Bears- Similar to chocolate, they are too sweet and too soft.

  • To Protect those he finds Precious.

  • To Grow stronger to further his ability.

  • To be of use to his guild at all times

  • Death- Though this is a common fear, this fear falls more so for his comrades and family dying than for him.

  • Stagnant Power-He refuses to to accept to stay weak forever.

  • Useless- He never wishes to be useless to his guild.

Weight:180 lbs
Hair color & Style:Brown; Somewhat medium length, with the hair partially covering one eye. It falls down to about the shoulder, and a little past.
Eye Color:Brown
Skin Tone:Tanned
Physical Appearance & Clothing:

Guild/Council: Dragon Heart
Guild/Council Tattoo: White, on the right chest muscle near the shoulder.
Class: D
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PostSubject: Re: Alexander Vaan   Alexander Vaan Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 7:55 pm

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Alexander Vaan
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