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 Sabertooth Guild Information

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PostSubject: Sabertooth Guild Information   Sabertooth Guild Information Icon_minitimeFri 28 Aug 2015, 9:21 pm

Sabertooth Guild Information Sticker,375x360.u2

"We are the honour bound warriors of the world that bare the fangs of a beast back at the darkness from where it once came. I swear upon my name [*insert name here*] to follow this guild's virtues as long as I serve here among my brethren. "
~ the Sabertooth oath.

Sabertooth Guild Information 2gyc7b4
Sabertooth is one of Fiore's most well known guilds and is often seen as the rival guild of Fairy Tail by the people of Fiore. Sabertooth was founded on three core ideals above all else, selflessness, faith, and honour, those who swear an oath to follow these three core virtues ideals are welcome to join being greeted by open arms, warm attitudes and open minds regardless of their race. These ideal virtues were thought up by the current Guild Master Yoru Moto took over being the guild master leading the guild through a reformation after killing a demon who had been posing as their belated guild master leading Sabertooth down a darker path. The members of Sabertooth are more then just guild mates they are also a family and they truly believe that together this guild could change the world if they needed to, but as of this current point of time what we strive for, an impossible goal of bring peace and keeping order and balance through out all of Earthland and one members problem is the whole guild's problem.

Sabertooth Guild Information 2ptymox

Sabertoith seeks members who are willing to swear an oath to follow the guilds three core virtues ideals asking as they stay with the guild. As long as they swear the oath and live by it while apart of the Sabertooth family anyone is welcome to join the guild.

Sabertooth Guild Information 21m4zzt

Sabertooth acting as self appointed peacekeepers will be at any major out break of violence to restore the balance be it a war or a small street brawl. Our goal is to usher in a time of peace and balance Fiore and all of Earthland giving it the chance for it to become a paradise.

Sabertooth Guild Information 34sjfif

Guild Master: Mizuko Kakihara


Kazium Albet

Sabertooth Guild Information 2znmjpi

Updated as guilds release their statements.

The Magic Council: The Sabertooth Guild has a somewhat rocky relationship with the magic council as some of the guilds wizards may cause a rathe large amount of collateral damage while on the job, but the guild has remained on it's good side by sending out members to repair the damages done and through their guild master's negotiation skills  and recreation for never failing to keep his end of a promise leading them to become one of the Magic Council's most trusted allies.

Fairy Tail: N/A

Sabertooth: N/A

Blue Pegasus: N/A

Lamia Scale: N/A

Heaven's Mayhem: N/A

Eternal Chaos: N/A

Noxx Hand: N/A

Guild Hall:

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Sabertooth Guild Information
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