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 Mizuko's Water Dragon Slayer WIP

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PostSubject: Mizuko's Water Dragon Slayer WIP   Fri 28 Aug 2015, 12:50 am

Name of Magic; Water Dragon Slayer

Type/Subtype of Magic; Caster - Slayer

Current Rank; S

Description; Generally taught by a Water Dragon in most recent times, Water Dragon Slayer magic is, like most Slayer magic, an attack magic. However, similar to Sky Dragon Slayers, Water Dragon Slayers have some ability to heal, though status effects other than curing an ailment, such as the spell "Arms" often used by Sky Dragon Slayers, do not reach under this magic's jurisdiction. Users often are able to control water around them to some extent, and, one extremely, extremely skilled, they are able to control the water particles in ice. This particular skill appears in only one move, ((S-Rank,)) known as Hailstorm, similar to Slicing Rain, save the fact that some of the rain drops harden in to small pieces of ice. This move has only been recorded in use once, and the user in question fainted just after its activation. As many other dragon slayers can do, Water Dragon Slayers can live off of water alone, though many choose not to.



  • Extremely effective against all types of fire magic, and earth magic. Water attacks will often put out the fire, though wizards of higher power than the user's own will feel the natural effects of the user's powers less. For example, a wizard of the same or lower power level than the wizard in question will find most moves sent simply to be put out. Those of higher ability will only find the power weakened, or, in those who are of a very large gap of power higher than the user, will barely feel the effects at all. Any rocks ((rocks being defined as any stone that is the size of both your fists held together or smaller, anything more becomes too heavy, and becomes classified as a boulder to a water dragon slayer's point of view)) or sand used can be eroded or washed away, the former as in the cases of when moves such as Water Dragon's Roar are used.

  • Some ability to heal both the user and others, as well as cure most ailment through use of certain spells.

  • Difficult to block, as water will simply flow around any barrier thrown up to stop it, depending on the situation, spell, and barrier type.


  • Notoriously weak against lightning or electrically affiliated attacks, often to the point of ineffectiveness. Attacks such as these are amplified when they come in contact with water. Add a mage who is often covered in water during her battles into the mix, and lightning isn't a very fun prospect to think about. Any attack with a small, thin spread out later if water coverage ((e.g.: Water Dragon's Slicing Rain or Healing Spring)) will be amplified about double that of the attacks regular powers, if the spell has been in use long enough to drench the target's entire body. Larger, more condensed water spells ((Water Dragon's Roar or Whip)) are amplified three times, and tend to travel up the length of the spell before reaching the mage.

  • Needs to stay very hydrated, any extended amounts of time without water can have an ill effect on users of this magic far more severe than those who don't use this magic. Water must be consumed at least once every six posts. If not, ill effects can occur, including nausea, lightheadedness, fainting, and other similar symptoms. Stats are not affected, omitting health ((5% per post, using a percentage scale)) but the user can become unable to battle of it gets to 20 hours or more without water.

  • As a natural side effect of being a Dragon Slayer, vehicles are somewhat of a problem to ride on and leave the user very sick.


  • Dragon Skin and Dragon Force can be used with this magic providing certain circumstances are met.

  • Ability to consume the element of water for energy and sustenance as a replacement to food, as well as heightened senses, strength and speed, just as other dragon slayer have.

  • Can liquify certain points of their body at will. Single body parts, such as an arm or leg, can be liquefied quite easily ((1 post cool down)) while liquidating the entire body is much harder ((3 post cool down)). At S-Rank, liquification of one part of their body retains no cooldown, while their entire body still has a 1 post cooldown.

  • Ability to breathe underwater is received.

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Signature Spells:


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Mizuko's Water Dragon Slayer WIP
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