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 Achievement System

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PostSubject: Achievement System    Wed 26 Aug 2015, 3:11 pm

Here are badges that you can earn for having done certain things such as getting a position or having an admin on your friend list or having good quality posts and etc.

Player Achievements:

- You are a Player
(register for the site)

- Approved Character
(get your character approved)

- Approved Magic
(get your magic approved)

- Legal Guildy
(join a legal guild)

- Dark Guildy
(join a dark guild)

- Neutral Guildy
(join a neutral guild)

- Lone Wolf
(Become guildless)

- Magic Council
(become part of the magic council)

- Rune Knights
(become part of the rune knights)

- Dragon Slayer
(have dragon slayer magic)

- Demon Slayer
(have demon slayer magic)

- God Slayer
(have god slayer magic)

- Wizard Saint
(become a wizard saint)

- Chaos Lord
(become a chaos lord)

- PKer
(kill a player)

- Rich
(get 1,000,000 jewels)

- Richie Rich
(get over 3,000,000 jewels)

Staff Achievements:

- Admin Status
(become an admin)

- Mod Status
(become a mod)

- Artist Status
(become a gfx artist by having a gfx shop on the site.)

Rewarded Achievements:

- S Rank
(Anyone who receives this achievement, gets 100,000 jewels)

- Mission Expert
[i](Go on over 100 jobs and you'll get access to one mission two ranks above your current rank.)
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Achievement System
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