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 Rune Knight Rank System

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PostSubject: Rune Knight Rank System   Rune Knight Rank System Icon_minitimeWed 26 Aug 2015, 3:18 pm

Rune Knight Rank System NBsALVm

Unit I: Combat Division
Focused on combat, weaponry, diplomacy, and anything affiliated with war.

Unit II: Defense Division
Focused on defense, civilian protection, and protection of the magic council.

Unit III: Intelligence Division
Focused on intelligence, information, tactics, and strategy.

Rune Knight Rank System CwYaPS2

There are 3 positions for Brigadier General or head of the division. Combat division, defense division, and intelligence division. These three divisions are in charge of different things that they govern within the Rune Knights. The Brigadier Generals have full command of their respective divisions.

Rune Knight Rank System 6uzGKQC

9 Positions, each division has 3 Colonels in charge of day to day jobs and have a unit of Rune Knights that they are in charge of or leader of.

Rune Knight Rank System PLAgXcc

The lieutenants are directly under the Colonels and act as sort of secretaries to them, handling civilian complaints and writing reports.

Rune Knight Rank System AJRpXFe

Just what the name states, warrant officers are in charge of issuing all types of warrants such as; arrest and search warrants. They have to get clearance from the Magic Council to issue one when Rune Knight officers request them.

Rune Knight Rank System IlexO0t

Infinite Positions, Rune Knights act as police and serve under the Division Commander. They are soldiers to the Magic Council.


Rune Knight Rank System Z2VtHUw

Considered the Black Ops or an elite group, and a branch of the Intelligence Division. Division Commander of this group counts as one of the 3 positions. This group specializes on assassinations, gathering intelligence, escorts, and "taking care of enemies."
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Rune Knight Rank System
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